Stainless and corrosion resistance as the main characteristics of the steel, its main components include chromium and other alloying elements, such as nickel, molybdenum and so on. The name of stainless steel comes from its unique chemical composition and physical properties. It can resist corrosion in most environments, especially in weak corrosive media such as air, water, and steam.

Key words: pipe joint, flange, pipe accessories, quick change joint


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Male connector: ..09F.., such as G1/2, 14S09F01G, G-carbon steel, B-stainless steel, T-brass, 14S09=16S09, 10S=12S, 06S=08S

Female connector:..09G.., such as 16S09G01G

Male and female connector:..09E.., such as 16S09E01G

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