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Mission:Provide high quality pipe fittings and slewing bearings and total solutions for global customers

Sales Hotline: 021-33854491
Technical hotline: 021-33854496
fax: 021-201906

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Sales network

Sales network
Shanghai Ouji Kete Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)   Shanghai Ouji Kete Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. Tianjin Office
Address: No. 368, FuLian 3rd road, Baoshan District, Shanghai   Address: 11-06, snow Creek Garden, Vanke new town, Beichen District, Tianjin
Service hotline: 021-33854491   Phone:022-26305673
Sales Hotline: 021-33854491   Fax:022-26305673
Technical hotline: 021-33854496   Contact: Manager Xie
Fax:021-33854473   Mobile phone:13902051667
Postcode:021-201906   Postcode:300402
Web:www.oujichina.com   E-mail: 313854377@qq.com
Shanghai Ouji Kete Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. Deyang Office    
Address: No. 34 West Lake Road, Deyang, Sichuan    
Contact: Manager Chen    
Mobile phone:139902235360    


Shanghai Ouji Kete Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd
Address: No. 368, Fulian 3rd Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Service hotline:021-33854491
Sales hotline:021-33854491
Technical hotline: 021-33854496
Zip code: 021-201906
Website: www.oujichina.com
E-mail: oujikfb@oujichina.com