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Application area

Installation and maintenance
The installation position of variable propeller and yaw bearing is not easy to disassemble and disassemble high and long period, which puts forward strict requirements for the life and reliability of the variable propeller and yaw bearing, and generally requires the life of the paddle and yaw bearing to be the same as the life of the unit for more than 20 years.
> > > soft belt position
Both the inner and outer rings of the pitch and yaw bearings have hardened soft belts. The soft belt of the toothed ring is painted with red paint on the top of the tooth, and the soft belt of the toothless ring is located at the clogging place. The soft belt should be in the minimum load area when the bearing is working.
1, the main direction of the wind.
2. Indicate that the belt of the yaw bearing ring is parallel or opposite to the positive direction of the X axis.
3. It indicates that the soft belt of the yaw bearing ring gear is parallel to the X axis or is in line with the positive direction.
4 and 5 indicate the inner ring soft belt of the pitch bearing, the outer ring soft belt, and the position is located near the overturning axis.
> > installation
Flange thickness
Flange support
The bearing end face should be fully contacted with the flange end so as to avoid the suspension of the bearing end part, as shown in Figure 5-3.
Clean up before installation
1. Points for attention in cleaning bearings
Cryogenic solvents, such as petroleum solvent oil and diesel oil, can not be corroded.
II) do not use high pressure cleaning agent to clean the seal ring;
(III) do not use vinyl vinyl chloride and other cleaning agents such as vinyl chloride, and other corrosive cleaners. These cleaning agents will damage the sealing ring and cause early damage to the bearing; three.
(IV) use cotton cloth to remove dirt, dirt and overflow grease.
2. Cleaning up the connecting flange
The surface of the flange connected with the bearing must be cleaned, and no welding, burr, paint and other attachments are allowed. The contact surface should be free of lubricating oil and keep dry.
Flange face flatness requirements
Contact surface flatness (including maximum inclination) for flange connection. In a sector of 180 degrees, a wave peak is allowed to reach the value of 0. ~90. ~180. A steady rise or decline in the region. It is not allowed to rise and fall to avoid peak load. The clearance of the installation end should be checked with the feeler gauge before tightening the bolt.
Adjustment of the backlash of a > > tooth
The maximum radial compound runout of the teeth on the raceway is painted on the top of the green paint. The gear ring is positioned by meshing the active pinion with the green painted tooth profile on the top of the tooth. By moving the pinion position to adjust the tooth side gap, we recommend inserting a metal gauge with a thickness of "R" to make the pinion and the paddle (yaw) bearing tooth profile closely contact. As for "R", we recommend Table 3 values, and then fasten the paddle (yaw) bearings without gear rings. Check the meshing backlash of the gear along the circumference of the pinion, and its value should not be smaller than the adjustment value of "R".
Table 3 recommended tooth profile meshing least tooth backlash
Bolt pretightening
Selection of bolts, nuts and gaskets
Install connection
First install the fastening toothless ring, then install the toothed ring.
1. Installation of preload
Table 6 applied reasonable preload
Note: using hydraulic tools, FM is 85% of the yield strength of materials.
2. Attention to the clamping process
It is not allowed to apply thread fasteners, and can be coated with a little lubricant.
II) the preloading is gradually loaded in three steps, (1) loading with 30%FM; (2) loading with 80%FM; (3) 100%FM loading, the numerical value is shown in Table 7, and the sequence is symmetric and cross tightened according to the order of figure 5-8.
(3) to ensure smooth transmission of the slewing bearing, check the gear meshing clearance before the bolt is not fully tightened.
The pretightening force added in the pretightening process of table 7
Note: immediately after installation, lubricate the teeth to ensure thicker oil film formed between the two tooth profiles.
Maintenance and maintenance
The aerodynamic force of the blade is changed during the operation of the wind turbine. The wind speed changes not only the change of the size but also the direction of the wind, which produces the gyroscopic moment. It is a changing inertia load on the blade, which is the change of the rotating blade and the excitation source. The vibration of the blade causes the blade to vibrate. The vibration of the blade causes the loosening of the fixed bolt, which causes the uneven force of the blade, which causes the relative dislocation of the inner and outer rings when the bearing is loaded, and causes the uneven load of the roller or the rolling body and the raceway to produce the edge stress.
Attention: when checking and maintaining, the unit must be stopped, the brakes are in braking state, and the impeller locks are locked. The main task of maintenance is to check mounting bolts, bearing raceway and gear lubrication. Recommended inspection intervals and main maintenance tasks are shown in Table 8.
Table 8 check time intervals and maintenance tasks
Check the pretightening force of the installation bolt
The pretightening force of the installation bolt is checked as recommended in Table 5. Check the bolts with the specified torque by hydraulic torque wrench. If the nut can not be rotated or the position of the nut is within 20 degrees from the position before tightening, it means that the preload is still within the limit.
If the nut can be rotated and the rotation angle is more than 20 degrees, the nut must be loosened completely, and the hydraulic wrench shall be used to make the torque re tightened.
Replenish grease
When the pitch and yaw bearings are delivered, the raceway is filled with grease. It is suggested that the automatic lubrication device be used to supplement the grease. The artificial grease is added to the grease according to the recommended interval and the amount of grease injected.
If there is no subsequent lubrication and fatliquoring in the maintenance manual, press type (12) can be used to determine the amount of grease for the yaw and pitch roller, and the gear feed amount is determined according to the formula (13).
 Lubricating grease supplement Guide:
After 3 months, the artificial lubrication time was 3 months.
(II) grease injection tool is oil gun, and the same brand of grease should be injected. The compatibility of the two lipids should be considered if the fat changes.
(III) the MRR (g) of the raceway is 15 times the amount of grease injection, and the MRG (g) of the toothpaste is 15 times the amount of grease.
(IV) for variable pitch bearings, at the same time, the blade angle should be controlled and pitch changed.
(V) according to the distribution of grease grease holes, the grease can be evenly distributed in the raceway of the variable pitch (yaw) bearing.
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