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Application area

Manufacturing technology
>>High precision CNC equipment

Figure 3-1 production site

Figure 3-2 3.15m and 4m CNC vertical cars



Figure 3-3 SAET Corporation (Italy) numerical

control quenching machine

Figure 3-4 3.5m numerical control

side hole drill



Figure 3-5 3.5m NC vertical drill

Figure 3-6 2.5m CNC gear shaper



Figure 3-7 4m NC milling machine

Figure 3-8 2.5m and 4m NC vertical mill

Perfect process
High quality special materials
The 42CrMoHM stabilization steel is made by electric furnace smelting through vacuum degassing and strictly controlling the size of non-metallic inclusions with oxygen content and hydrogen content. The precision forging process of large ring rolling equipment ensures low cycle characteristics and hardenability of bearings. The forging is quenched and tempered to ensure the comprehensive mechanical properties of the ring forging.
The depth of the effective hardened layer
Advanced processing equipment, skilled workmen and strict process control ensure the depth of hardened layer of raceway and ensure that the raceway does not suffer fatigue peeling.
High precision raceway machining
The high precision CNC vertical mill is adopted for raceway machining, and one step forming technology is adopted to ensure the dimension accuracy, geometry and surface roughness of raceway. It ensures the minor pretightening of the bearing raceway and reduces the fretting wear of bearings.
Reliable experimental data
Accurate assembly test, no-load and load simulation test, comprehensive performance test, accurately verify the various technical performance indicators of pitch and yaw bearings.
Quality assurance
Control according to quality system ISO9001, strictly test and check.
Destructive testing

Fig. 3-9 tensile test (material specimen)

testing mechanical properties

Fig. 3-10 section hardness, hardened layer

depth and raceway hardening shape.

Fig. 3-11 microstructure of steel ball

examined by OLYMPUS (Japan) microscope

Nondestructive testing

Figure 3-12 SPECTRO (Germany) spectrometer

for detecting chemical composition of forgings.

Figure 3-13 GE company (USA)

ultrasonic testing forgings defects



Fig. 3-14 ultrasonic testing of raceway

hardened layer depth by Fran Hof Institute (Germany)

Figure 3-15 measurement of

the size of the outer ring raceway



Figure 3-16 no-load start

friction torque measurement

Simulation experiment on the

no-load of paddle bearing in Figure 3-17



Figure 3-18 bench test bench

Figure 3-19 yaw test workbench


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