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Application area

Large engineering machinery
Engineering and construction machinery are the most widely used fields of slewing support, such as tower cranes, excavators, truck cranes, all kinds of Engineering cranes, piling machines, concrete pumps and so on. With the rapid development of China's economy, the national key projects have been started, the powerful implementation of urban infrastructure construction, engineering and construction machinery have been widely used, and the revolving support products are also accompanied by them in every corner of China.
Engineering application
1. Common structure type and application of rotating disc bearing.
1.1, single row four point contact ball bearing
The single row four point contact ball bearing turntable bearing is composed of two seat rings, with compact structure, light weight, contact between steel ball and circular arc raceway, and can bear axial force, radial force and tilting torque at the same time. The construction machinery of rotary conveyor, welding manipulator, small and medium sized crane and excavator can be selected.
1.2, double row and four point contact ball bearing
Double row four point contact ball bearings two race seats are double raceway, four points contact with steel ball. It can bear large torque.
1.3, double row ball bearing with different diameter
The double row and different diameter ball bearings have three seat rings, and the steel ball and the isolating block can be directly into the upper and lower raceways. According to the force condition, the two rows of steel balls with different diameters are arranged.
The open type assembly is very convenient. The bearing angles of the upper and lower arc raceway are all 90 degrees, which can bear great axial force and roll over torque. When the radial force is greater than 0.1 times the axial force, the raceway must be specially designed. The axial and radial dimensions of the double volleyball turntable bearing are both large and strong in structure, and are especially suitable for loading and unloading machines such as tower cranes and truck cranes, which require medium or above diameter.
1.4, cross cylindrical roller slewing bearings and cross conical roller slewing bearings
Single row cross roller bearing, composed of two seat rings, is compact in structure, light in weight, high in precision, small in assembly clearance and high in installation precision. The roller is 1:1 cross arranged, and can bear axial force, larger radial force and tilting torque at the same time. It is widely used for lifting transportation, construction machinery and military products.
1.5 and three row cylindrical roller combination wheel bearing
The three row roller bearing has three seats up and down and the radial raceway separately, so that the load of each row of roller can be determined exactly. It can bear various loads at the same time. It is the most bearing capacity of the four kinds of products. The axial and radial dimensions are very strong, especially suitable for the larger diameter. Heavy machinery such as bucket wheel excavator, wheeled crane, marine crane, ladle slewing and large tonnage truck crane and so on.
2, tolerance, clearance
The tolerance and clearance of the turntable bearing meet the JB/T 10471 "rolling bearing turntable bearing". If the customer has other special requirements for size, tolerance and clearance, the corresponding product can be provided according to the operating conditions and the user's requirements.
3, turntable bearing material
3.1 ring and rolling material
Generally, the roller bearing is used as a whole hardened carbon and chromium bearing steel, which is made of Cr15SiMn or GCr15 steel, and the bearing sleeve is made of surface hardened steel. When the user has no special requirements, it is usually made of 50Mn steel, but sometimes it can be provided by the user to meet the needs of a part of the special application field. Other conditions such as 42CrMo, 5CrMnMo, etc. are selected for other hardened steel grades.
3.2 cage material
The cage used for turntable bearings has different structural types as integral cage, segmented cage or isolated block cage. Among them, the integral cage or segmented cage is made of cast aluminum alloy 20 or ZL102. The isolating block cage is made of Polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 casting aluminum alloy or QA11O-3-1.5 aluminum bronze. In recent years, with the continuous development of material industry, nylon GRPA66.25 has been applied in the design of segmented cage.
3.3 sealing ring material
The material of rotary bearing seal ring is made of oil resistant butyl rubber, but a few of them are made of early felt wool felt seals.
4. The cage
The cage used for turntable bearing has different structure types, such as integral retaining rack, sectional type holder or isolated cage. The whole cage or segmented cage is made of 20 or ZL102 casting aluminum alloy. The isolation cage is made of Polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 casting aluminum alloy or QA110-3-1.5 aluminum bronze. In recent years, with the continuous development of material industry, nylon GRPA66.25 has been applied in the design of segmented cage.
5. Lubrication of bearing
Most of the rotating bearings work under the condition of heavy load and low speed. In general, the lubricating type with filling grease can be satisfied with the lubrication of bearings. The commonly used grease has calcium based grease, lithium base grease, aluminum base grease and high temperature lubricating grease. Choose the most suitable grease.
6. Seal of rotating disc bearing
The seal of the turntable bearing is to prevent the leakage of the filled grease, on the other hand to prevent the outside dust, impurities and water intrusion into the bearing interior and affect its normal work. Because the turntable bearings are mostly working under heavy load and low speed, the seal type of the bearing adopts two structures: the rubber seal ring and the labyrinth seal. The rubber seal structure itself has the advantages of simple structure, small space, reliable sealing performance and so on. But its deficiency is that the rubber seal lip is easy to be aged in the high temperature condition and lose the sealing ability. So the labyrinth seal should be used in the rotor bearing working under the condition of high temperature.
7. The installation of the bearing of the turntable
7.1 check
Before the turntable bearing is installed, the installation surface of the main engine must be checked first, and the support should have enough strength, the connection surface should be machined, and the surface is smooth without sundries and burrs. For those that can not be machined to achieve the required flatness, a large injection intensity can be adopted.
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